Setup WordPress on Linux in Azure

Every since Dreamhost started pushing my buttons with less than sub-par service, dead slow loading speeds and pointing fingers at WordPress plugins and themes I was using, I’ve been looking at alternatives for my hosting needs.

Among some of the options are Amazon and Azure Cloud offerings.


Microsoft’s Azure service has 2 huge advantages, in my opinion:

  1. Easier management interface
  2. 30 day credit so you can try service and even know how much would it cost you.

Amazon has free for 1 year program, which allows you to use their Small VM for free for a period of one year. But if you would like to try larger instances you would have to pay out of your own pocket. Which one to select will depend on your plan of migration. For me, Azure was the way to go.

These instructions are for Azure Linux installations, but they could also be used on Amazon AWS though some steps might require additional setup.

So let’s start.

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Splunk Cluster setup – 2a: Setup Ubuntu Linux (VMWare)

Continuing the series of Splunk Cluster setup articles with instructions on Installation and Setup of Ubuntu Linux for Splunk Cluster setup.


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Splunk Cluster setup – 1: Setup Azure VM

As a follow up to previous post on how to install and setup Linux Ubuntu under VMWare, I went ahead and created Azure VM as well. Once Azure VM is set up, the Splunk Cluster setup is identical.

For this instructions I would assume you have already set up Azure Subscription. If not, go ahead and create one month Free account with $200 to spend on Azure services.


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Splunk Cluster setup – 1: Prepare VMWare Virtual Machine

Slowly gaining more experience with Splunk and realizing power of this unique app, I ventured into cluster setup for Splunk 6.1 as part of the current initiative for the client I’m working with.

Below is a quick step-by-step instructions set which I compiled mainly for myself as a documentation.


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Fun “Long Weekend” – Part 2

Saturday, Oct 25th – I just had to order extra shot in my Americano from Starbucks. No, no,  it wasn’t a bad hangover – coming to office at 8am on Saturday is not what I’m used to. I’ve met my friend Igor at Starbucks, two triple Americano with extra shots and we are heading to the office.

First thing first, Igor looked at the network setup and just shook his head, yep I’ve expected that. DNS transfer was initiated, and assuming that it went fine, I’ve started server installation. I have to mention that we actually had extra xServe harddrive, so it wasn’t re-install, as I had old system drive safely on the table while doing fresh install of 10.5. Getting closer to 10am, server is setup (yep with prime.local DNS zone, we will find out that it was a mistake later) and updates are running. We’ve stepped out for early lunch.

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