Sync your iPhone/iPod with two computers

For a very long time I’ve had my iPhone synched to my home computer. All my Apps, Music, Ringtones, Videos and Books were on my home computer. Than, I started managing new additions to my iTunes library on my work computer. I’ve added songs, playlists, albums and artists that represent my state of mind, mood and life better than before. And I realized that my iTunes library at work has more organized playlists, folders than one at home. What would be the easiest way to merge them together?

Well at first, I looked at home library, and copied all albums (I manager my iTunes folder myself as I file songs differently) to portable harddrive, brought it to work and add it in. Now, my work library had all my home playlists/albums and more. With 22GB of music, I’ve copied my whole folder /Users/username/Music/iTunes onto it and replaced the one I had on my home computer. Perfect, I thought, now all I do is add music on my work computer and then make sure I either bring that music to home computer later or copy the iTunes folder all over again, if changes are drastic.

Well, what I haven’t realized, and to my benefit it is a plus, by doing this, my iPhone now thinks that both libraries – one at home and another one at work – is the same thing. Great! I don’t have to worry when plugging iPhone to my work computer that all my music would be gone, I can update my iPhone either at work or at home and I can also keep managing my music in one library, copy it to another and don’t have to remember which computer I’ve synched my iPhone to.

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