Splunk Cluster setup – 2a: Setup Ubuntu Linux (VMWare)

Continuing the series of Splunk Cluster setup articles with instructions on Installation and Setup of Ubuntu Linux for Splunk Cluster setup.


Once Ubuntu Linux is installed there are several things we need to do before we install Splunk.

These items are not necessary required, but they will help you manage VM and system better later.


  • Enable SSH
  • Install VMWare Tools


Enable SSH

In order to remotely manage VM without necessary using GUI, I suggest enabling SSH.

  1. Open Terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run
    sudo apt-get install openssh-server
  2. Follow prompts and once installation is complete you should be able to SSH into your VM
  3. To test run this from your terminal window on any machine that’s not VM where is IP address of your VM. Get it by running ifconfig command:
    ssh administrator@

Install VMWare Tools

  1. Mount The VMWare Tools disk via menuMount The VMWare Tools disk via menu
  2. Double click on VMWareTools-X.X.X-XXXXX.tar.gz file (file name varies depending on VMWare Fusion version) and select Extract to DesktopDouble click on VMWareTools-X.X.X-XXXXX.tar.gz file Extract to Desktop
  3. Open Terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T) and navigate to that folder:
    cd /home/administrator/Desktop/vmware-tools-distrib/Navigate to folder in Terminal
  4. Now run installation script:
    sudo ./ -dRun installation script in Terminal
  5. Once installed, reboot VM

Let’s now install Splunk

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