Splunk Cluster setup – 2: Install Ubuntu Linux (VMWare)

Continuing the series of Splunk Cluster setup articles with instructions on Installation of Ubuntu Linux in VMWare for Splunk Cluster setup.



Even though Ubuntu installation instructions are detailed on Ubuntu website, I will repeat or even modify some of the steps to fit my needs. Feel free to challenge or change them as necessary. All those optional customization might affect functionality of Splunk later on, so use it at your own risk.

 Start Ubuntu Installation

  1. Once your VM starts with Ubuntu installation disk attached, you should see Ubuntu installation prompt screen. Click on Install UbuntuClick on Install Ubuntu
  2. Select ‘Download updates while installing’ to make sure you have most up-to-date version and cut time on downloading them later. There is no need to install third-party software.Select 'Download updates while installing'
  3. Under installation type, select ‘Erase disk and install Ubuntu’. Feel free to Encrypt your installation and LVM if required.Select 'Erase disk and install Ubuntu'
  4. Choose your locationChoose your location
  5. Choose your keyboard layoutChoose your keyboard layout
  6. Set up user name and password. I recommend to ‘Require password to log in’. Feel free to encrypt the home folder if necessary. Set up user name and password
  7. Once installation is done and VM is restarted we are ready for to finish setup of our Ubuntu LinuxInstalling Ubuntu Ubuntu Installation complete
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