Splunk Cluster setup – 1: Prepare VMWare Virtual Machine

Slowly gaining more experience with Splunk and realizing power of this unique app, I ventured into cluster setup for Splunk 6.1 as part of the current initiative for the client I’m working with.

Below is a quick step-by-step instructions set which I compiled mainly for myself as a documentation.



Tools required:

VMWare virtualization software. I used VMWare Fusion since Mac is my hosted platform.

Ubuntu Linux Installation disk image

System Requirements for VMWare Fusion and Ubuntu

 Setup VMWare Fusion virtual machine

  1. Start by selecting Create a custom virtual machine in VMWare FusionCreate a custom virtual machine in VMWare Fusion
  2. Choose Ubuntu 64-bit as Operating SystemChoose Ubuntu as Operating System
  3. Accept default settings and Create a new virtual diskCreate new virtual disk
  4. Under Finish screen, click on Customize Settings and save your machineCustomize Settings for VMWare virtual machine
  5. You can then customize Virtual Disk capacity from Settings Screen.Customize your VMWare virtual machine settings
  6. I changed Disk size to 10GB for master, you can set it to your desired valueSet virtual machine disk size to desired  value
  7. Now let’s choose downloaded installation image of UbuntuChoose disc image file to attach to your VMWare virtual machineChoose ubuntu dmg file
  8. Connect CD/DVD to access downloaded DMG file as an installation CDConnect CD/DVD
  9. You are now ready to install Ubuntu OSInstall Ubuntu OS on VMWare Virtual Machine
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