Fun “Long Weekend” – Part 2

Saturday, Oct 25th – I just had to order extra shot in my Americano from Starbucks. No, no,  it wasn’t a bad hangover – coming to office at 8am on Saturday is not what I’m used to. I’ve met my friend Igor at Starbucks, two triple Americano with extra shots and we are heading to the office.

First thing first, Igor looked at the network setup and just shook his head, yep I’ve expected that. DNS transfer was initiated, and assuming that it went fine, I’ve started server installation. I have to mention that we actually had extra xServe harddrive, so it wasn’t re-install, as I had old system drive safely on the table while doing fresh install of 10.5. Getting closer to 10am, server is setup (yep with prime.local DNS zone, we will find out that it was a mistake later) and updates are running. We’ve stepped out for early lunch.

client_hero20071009Closer to 11am, upon our return to the office, we found out that DNS transfer didn’t work, and eNom lost records for our nameservers, records were empty. I’ve opened ticket with eNom support, called them to no success. They’ve assured me that it might be a glitch, and they will try and fix it ASAP.

At noon I’ve report to my boss that we just have to sit and wait and headed back home, to sit and wait. Igor went to his practice…

3pm, I’ve decided to get on the phone with eNom, 50 minutes on the phone, they updated my ticket and said that it might take couple of days, Great!

eNom’s user interface has two radio buttons, which let you choose where you host DNS for your domain. One is eNom’s nameservers, the other is Custom Name Servers. We used to have it on custom, which had IP address and domain name starting with ns. in it. Switching from custom to eNom’s own usually should trigger auto fill of nameservers, but it was resetting it. I copied NS name from eNom’s and added it to custom. Magically it was saved as eNom’s own and all servers were filled in. Awesome!

5pm After fiddling with eNom interface I’ve managed to enforce NS changes. Here is how it happened:

6pm I’ve decided to take a nap, as Igor and I planned to work night shift.

10pm Me and Igor headed back to the office (with Stella to keep us focussed) We’ve confirmed that our domain resolution was working and continued setting internal DNS. Everything was going OK, but server will not Kerberise…

After many attempts to find a way to force Kerberize it, we’ve decided to Google a bit…

2 am That’s when we’ve discovered that .local zone will not work. After spending some time on Google, I found Apple’s own article which pretty much explains why it does not work. So we had to create a new plan.

I started server re-installation, and by the time it was installed and initialized we got too tired to finish and wrapped our Saturday (I took a nap during a day, but Igor worked from 8am to 4am)

6 hours later, we came back to our freshly initialized server and after an hour or so of updating we had perfect OD Master with all DNS and Kerberos bits and pieces working as they should. Now I just had to re-import users and groups from older server, reset their passwords, re-activate them in Kerio Mail Server, add extra email addresses to finish our setup.

Users and groups import went relatively smooth. For some reason one user was not imported and couple of users lost their groups. Passwords were reset, computers were re-bound without a glitches. Next was email.

Another challenge on that side was the fact that we do not host our email on-house. It is hosted with Inftek at remote side. Of course now server, where we have Kerio Mail Server installed, need to join Kerberos realm (since it was changed). But I also found out the hard way, that OD Master needs Kerberos record created and remote server added to Computer list in OD. Once that was established, email was working perfectly. Couple of hours later with everything in place Igor cleaned up network setup in the server room, freeing up bunch of network cables, power bars and networks switches/routers. By 6pm everything was done, and we went our own ways.

At the end of this “long weekend” we’ve accomplished our goals and newly installed server was ready to face next Monday, unlike me. But life is life, and next Monday, missing my kid’s ‘Pumpkin patch’ I was running back and forth in the office reseting settings in mail clients and re-synching BlackBerries.

Next challenge will be upgrading FileMaker Pro server to 10.5 as well. But I will hold off that migration for a bit.

BTW, I will add an Article about DNS setup at later time. Stay tuned.

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