Fun “Long Weekend” – Part 2

Saturday, Oct 25th – I just had to order extra shot in my Americano from Starbucks. No, no,  it wasn’t a bad hangover – coming to office at 8am on Saturday is not what I’m used to. I’ve met my friend Igor at Starbucks, two triple Americano with extra shots and we are heading to the office.

First thing first, Igor looked at the network setup and just shook his head, yep I’ve expected that. DNS transfer was initiated, and assuming that it went fine, I’ve started server installation. I have to mention that we actually had extra xServe harddrive, so it wasn’t re-install, as I had old system drive safely on the table while doing fresh install of 10.5. Getting closer to 10am, server is setup (yep with prime.local DNS zone, we will find out that it was a mistake later) and updates are running. We’ve stepped out for early lunch.

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Fun “Long Weekend” – Part 1

Last weekend (Oct 25,26) I’ve decided to fix our network setup that was done by some outside contractors. I don’t know why people would do something improperly and then overload it with patches, workarounds etc. But wait a second, there is a company that does exactly that – MS.

Anyway, the setup we had was: 2 servers – one file server, one FileMaker Pro server which is also web server that serves registration pages. We have Cisco switch which routes all traffic and internal and external DNS set up (NS server for domains we own) on our servers.

First item on the plan was to remove DNS hosting for domains to company that does just that – eNom. Than I would rebuild internal DNS with separate local zone (what’s the point of having internal .ca zone?). In addition to that, I would upgrade server to 10.5 from 10.4. Helping me with all that was my old time friend Igor.

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