OS X Server permissions problem

I’ve noticed today that newly installed server over at the “NorthShore News” newspaper is having same problems as Parksville’s server had couple of weeks ago.

picture-2_1Basically what happens is this:

  • Some users loose their permissions to some folders.
  • ALS were initially enabled on shared volumes but browsing through WorkGroup Manager shows that there is nothing in those preferences.
  • Trying to add user or group is not working either.

As I mentioned, it happened couple of weeks ago at Parksville’s “OceanSide Star” newspaper couple of weeks ago. At that time I thought that ALS was never setup, and was ready to rebuild the server.

After spending half an hour on Google, I found interesting thread on discussions about ‘grayed out’ Sharing button. I thought I would give it a try and voila it worked. So here is the solution (please note that I did not come up with it, it’s quoted from

PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK , and DO NOT CHANGE ANY STEP or the content thereof

Quit ANY AND ALL management apps (Server Manager, Workgroup Manager) both on the server itself and any connections from any client/management workstation(s).

Please double and triple-check your typing, do NOT make any typos and do NOT skip the back-ticks below, that is the: ` character.

on the server itself issue (in the Terminal):

sudo mkdir /servermgrd.bak
sudo mv /var/servermgrd/* /servermgrd.bak/
sudo kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`

Then relaunch Workgroup Manager

It does help if you have ‘grayed out’ Sharing in the WGM as well.

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